We appreciate our clients and partners and want to thank them

We appreciate our clients and partners and want to thank them - image servicesimg11-1 on https://gearupoz.com.au

The Corporate Brand.

At Gear Up we like to consider the corporate gift as an old phenomenon. It dates back to the reward for long service to the company. It also represents company behaviour such as, saying what a great job you have done, congratulations on your promotion, welcome to our business (or welcome to our family), or let's have a party (corporate event) and celebrate.

To make the corporate gift something special we need to get back to basics and give thought to how we and our business relate to the people that have helped us. We also need to consider those that have reached personal milestones and reward them.

How do we go about this?

  • We need to consider the components of the business, i.e. the culture, the people, the mission, the vision, wrap it up with the companies brand values and then give it (present it).
  • We also need to remember to have FUN.
  • We need to remember who will be receiving this gift, our target market, audience.
  • A gift is personal, it has to be personalised.
  • To be a great corporate gift we must unearth the needs and wants of the recipients of the gifts and align those with the direction and brand message of the company and deliver.

At Gear Up we value gift giving, the thought and the emotion that is involved. We are professional in our approach, considered in our opinion, and give great care to how we package it. The corporate gift presents a very powerful message.


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