How can we use Promotional Merchandise?

We can use promotional merchandise in many different ways.

For example
  • As giveaways.
  • As rewards for entering a competition.
  • As a way to define a brand.
  • As an educational tool.
  • As a way to launch a new product.
  • As a gift with a purchase.
  • As an alternative to discounting.

Your promotion may simply be the embroidery of your logo onto the polo and cap you have organised for your casual Friday, the logoed pen or mug that you hand out at a trade show or the printed adhesive notes that are sitting on the desk. Remember.........

The promotional product when combined with a marketing strategy is designed to be functional and interactive with its target audience. The promotional product will add value to the product or service.

The question now arises; does the promotional product have to be a new age technological gizmo, environmentally friendly, or related to an emerging lifestyle? Can it be a product that we use everyday such as a pen, a mug or a cap?

Promotional merchandise products are integral to the product brand they are promoting. With many new consumer products released every year we are able to utilise sophisticated new promotional products and techniques and then integrate these into our marketing promotional campaigns.

This is a list of some of the product promotional campaign strategies that you might base your marketing strategy around.

  • Themes - based on perhaps, the product that is being promoted or the company culture.
  • Traditional markets such as liquor and food.
  • Australiana based products; e.g. perhaps a company dealing with many international clients.
  • Retro products - child hood nostalgia feel good moments i.e. baby boomers.
  • Green, environmentally designed products.
  • Technology based products or characters i.e. mobile, web-related.
  • Beauty & cosmetics and the wellbeing leisure market.
  • Business to business.
  • Office Desk & Business with executives games and toys forming the central strategy.

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