Motivation, Incentives & Rewards. Get Involved.

Our promotional products can be custom designed, cleverly presented and incorporated into your marketing strategy to give you the edge. We aim to have some fun and this is central to our motivation, incentives and rewards package.

Promotional products are great to use for each of these.

Products can be used as incentives to get the team to move together in one direction and take a particular course of action.
This is what allows us to achieve our goals.
Products can be used and offered as an incentive for performing tasks.

How do we go about deciding on a product to use?

Here are some of the more general questions that require answering to develop a successful campaign.

  • Decide on the campaign objective.
  • Understand your clients, current and future.
  • What is to be achieved with the rewards program i.e. increase sales, a generation of new or repeat business, education, or is it part of a larger strategy?.
  • Who are your customers? What is the customer demographic?
  • What are the interests of the purchasers of the product i.e. sporting, academic?
  • Are the customers, male, female, younger, older?

Rewards, motivation and incentive programs can be devised for all types of organisations and corporate gifts can be used very effectively in these areas. If it is a $5 gift or a $5000 gift we can find the product that will give your next reward program that extra spark and excitement.

Let Gear Up make this an integral part of your marketing promotions budget. When you get involved in this exciting and fun environment you will see the benefits it brings.

We will assist in guiding you through the choices available in this extensive field. We also work with other professionals to bring you the best available reward incentive package.

Success is in the planning.


Thousands of products to choose from

When it comes to providing your staff & potential / existing clients
with a memorable item, Gear up has you covered