How do we go about designing a Promotional Strategy?


Define your Promotion and what you want to achieve?

Set clear Goals:

What we need to know from you and what we need you to be able to tell us for the campaign.

  1. Who is your audience?
  2. What are the objectives of the campaign?
  3. What response do you want from your target market?
  4. What brand information do you want to communicate?
  1. What type of feedback are you looking for from your targeted audience?
  2. What previous promotions have you have tried before?
  3. How did your audience respond to your previous promotions?

What do you want the promotional product or service to do?

  1. To increase sales.
  2. Thank your clients and reward your clients.
  3. To gather information.
  4. To educate.
  5. To increase client loyalty.
  6. To develop brand awareness.

Gear Up can work with your existing business plan or help develop a new one to increase your market presence with below the line promotional marketing.


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